Medical Esthetician Schools

Become a Medical Esthetician in 2 Weeks at National Laser Institute!,


To learn more about medical esthetics training visit

Louis Silberman of National Laser Institute discusses the two week course to learn medical esthetics, even if you have no health or beauty background.

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3 thoughts on “Medical Esthetician Schools”

  1. i really want to do this but California wont allow us to use lasers without a medical license? If I received training in Arizona could I go back home and work

  2. really want this been trying to get in since 2013 sucks cuz i have no cosigner n sally mae dined me then . and i dont have the 5000 to at least pay half or no one in my family with a g.i. bill. any other way u can help me pursur my dream of becoming a lazer tech. please im begging any one who knows my name is christina pallanes email

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