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The PURIGENEX TRANS-DERMAL COLLAGEN TREATMENT is the premier anti-aging and collagen restoration treatment. It fills out and smoothes fine lines and wrinkles in the epidermis by promoting healthy, natural cell-regeneration beneath skin’s surface. Wrinkles around your mouth and eyes will be reduced as improvement in your skins overall health actually lifts and corrects creases in deeper layers of your skin. This treatment has been found effective by anyone seeking to repair and prevent skin damage caused by sun exposure, aging, discoloration, or acne scarring. Regular treatments will improve the integrity of your existing collagen, making it plumper, smoother, suppler, and more youthful. Additionally, skin nourished with PURIGENEX collagen functions more effectively as part of a healthy body’s natural defense system. This type of cutting-edge treatment has never before been offered as part of a facial treatment system, and it was once available in only the most exclusive medical offices. Now, our experienced Medical Aestheticians can offer you this dramatic, skin-improving treatment stand-alone, or as part of a fully customized Medical Facial.


At AMA, we recognize that your skin is unique. Every one of our treatments begins on the foundation of a detailed assessment of your skin itself, and the skincare goals that are most important to you. From there, experienced Medical estheticians design and administer a fully customized facial treatment to refine, repair, and rejuvenate your skin to maximum effect. Our specialists employ full extraction techniques to alleviate clogged pores and treat acne-prone skin, anti-aging protocols to reverse skin damage, and all the latest technologies for overall improvement of skin’s health and appearance. Through the incorporation of prescription products, medical-grade devices, and highly trained experts, we can provide our patients with results-oriented care of unrivaled quality. Your skin will amaze you!


The SilkPeel is a breakthrough treatment that combines intense, non-invasive exfoliation with a state-of-the-art Dermal Infusion. The SilkPeel treatment is a step beyond most microdermabrasion/peel treatments because it does not use crystals or other abrasive particles that can irritate the skin. It also integrates a highly specialized treatment serum formulated specifically to address the condition of your unique skin. The solution is infused into your skin using a technique that allows it to penetrate cells much deeper in your skin’s structure than lotions or creams that simply sit on the surface. The SilkPeel delivers the therapeutic vitamins and antioxidants that your skin needs most where they will be absorbed deep down to achieve maximum effectiveness. Your skin will be brightened, clarified, and hydrated without any irritation or discomfort. In addition, the SilkPeel can be done as a stand-alone treatment, or integrated into a more extensive, fully-customized medical facial.


The brand-new Hyperbaric Oxygen Facial delivers therapeutic grade oxygen combined with a super concentrated form of powerful anti-oxidants to the skin. The key is a unique type of state-of-the-art infusion that facilitates rapid absorption of customized ingredients that will target your specific skin care needs. Whether you are looking for superior hydration, reduction of wrinkles, or to balance un-even skin tone, the results are visible immediately and long lasting.

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  1. this is perfect..this si what i wanted to do. cosmetic dermatology seemed too hard while aesthetics seemed too easy.this si right in the middle
    i have a question tho; how long is the schooling? whattypes of schooling do you need?
    id really appreaciate it if you can answer me, im looking forward to this career

  2. @MaPaCha I dont think you need to go back to school to become a medical esthetician. I live in the chicagoland area and we just need to train in that industry if we already have our cert. I think medical aesthetics is a very big money maker!

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  4. I've tried everything to clear up the dirt in my pores and my acne. I have blackheads and whiteheads, you name it. All my dermatologist gives me are creams and pills. The cream doesn't do anything… it only makes me break out more because my skin is way too sensitive. The pills do nothing too… Hopefully in the future I can try finding a a dermatology center that does this.

  5. The collagen facial is a great treatment to recieve when you have the money to splurge

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